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Ian Hartley’s undergraduate studies were in Mathematics, Physics and Religion. His graduate work is in Mathematics, Religion and Education. Commencing in 1963 Ian and his wife Irma spent twenty-five years teaching Mathematics, Science and Religion in Central and Southern Africa.

His first love has always been sharing the God of the Bible with others and he was ordained as a gospel minister in 1975. He moved from Institutional work to full time pastoral ministry in 1989. He moved to Canada in 1997. He is married to Irma Heather.

Ian and Irma have two married daughters and one grandson who live in the US. He retired in 2014after 51 years of paid ministry and resides in Red Deer, Alberta. Ian will pay for the privilege of preaching the gospel to anyone who will listen and preaches most weekends. He has spoken for his Lord and Master in Central and Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada.


Examining Ephesians.

Grabbing Galatians.

From God with Love. (Understanding the Bible.)

Interpreting Revelation.

Leadership, its Nature and Nurture.

Living with someone of another Gender.

Revelling in Romans.

Stress and Distress.

The Character of God.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Christianity.


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